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Background and Vision


Amy Bowers Cordalis and her partner Daniel Cordalis established R2R in 2020 to serve the natural and cultural resource needs of Indigenous communities. Amy is a Yurok Tribal member, attorney, and fisherwoman whose family still lives at the village of Rek-Woi at the mouth of the Klamath River. Daniel is Diné and an attorney whose family has advocated for environmental protections on the Navajo Nation for decades. They each have extensive experience working on complex Indian and natural resource law and policy issues. They have served in leadership roles in tribal, state, and federal governments, and as board members on national conservation organizations. Amy and Daniel saw a need to provide more legal, policy, and advocacy support for natural resource management in Indian Country.

R2R’s mission is to help fill this need by supporting Indigenous governments and communities in pursuit of their cultural and natural resource objectives. R2R works in partnership with Indigenous Peoples to advance their cultural and natural resource interests through legal and policy advocacy. 



Amy Bowers Cordalis is a mother, fisherwoman, attorney, and member of the Yurok Tribe. She served her Tribe as General Counsel and was a staff attorney at the Native American Rights Fund.

Amy’s family is from the village of Rek-Woi at the mouth of the Klamath River in Northern California. Since colonization, every generation of Amy’s family has fought for Yurok Rights. Her family’s Supreme Court case, Mattz v. Arnett, reaffirmed the status of the Yurok Reservation as Indian Country, laying the foundation for the exercise of the Tribe’s sovereignty and the enjoyment of its federally reserved water and fishing rights. Amy continues her family legacy by focusing her work on Klamath River restoration, including dam removal, water rights, and fisheries issues.

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Vice-Principal Operations

Vice-Principal of Operations Molli Myers is a Karuk Tribal member, raised at the village of Vuunharaáx, near the place where the mouth of the Salmon River meets the Klamath. 

For over two decades, Molli has worked on the campaign to remove the Klamath River Dams, helping to form the grassroots organization known as the Klamath Justice Coalition. During that time, Molli also worked in Tribal natural resources administration, operations, and grants compliance roles. Molli brings to R2R her extensive understanding of and experience in organizational development and management, as well as generations of traditional and cultural knowledge.

Molli comes from a family and community that emphasized her inherent responsibility as a steward of the land and a fix-the-world person. Together with her husband, Frankie, they continue seeking protection and preservation of ancestral lands and cultural resources, while raising their five children to carry on the tradition.

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Human Services Manager

Lori Hodge is a passionate advocate for Tribal communities and a Yurok Tribal member was raised on the Yurok and Hoopa Reservations in Northern California. Lori comes from the Village of Rek-Woi, overlooking the mouth of the Klamath River.

With a diverse skill set, Lori brings a wealth of experience to her role at R2R. In her early years, Lori was a Certified Shorthand Reporter with her own business, displaying her exceptional attention to detail and professionalism. She then transitioned to working for her Tribe, serving as an administrative assistant to the Chairperson and later holding a seat on the Yurok Tribal Council. During her time on the Yurok Tribal Council, Lori was able to see the largest dam removal/river restoration project become a reality. Having managed a construction business for over two decades, Lori's expertise extends beyond administrative and governmental affairs. Her strong business acumen and sharp management skills will undoubtedly be assets as she takes on new challenges at R2R.

Above all, Lori is a devoted mother who hopes for her children to experience an undammed Klamath River. She holds dear the vision of revitalizing the salmon population, back to the numbers her father saw when he fished the same waters. Rooted in her Tribe's rich culture, Lori's deep connection to her community makes her ideally suited for the significant work that awaits her at R2R.

Stephanie Quinn-Davidson (Brothertown)

Restoration Policy Manager


Dr. Stephanie Quinn-Davidson is a fisheries scientist and has worked in salmon fisheries for over a decade. Her work focuses on protecting and sustaining fisheries and those who depend on them, and elevating Indigenous perspectives and voices in cultural and natural resource policy, management, and advocacy.

Stephanie brings her extensive experience and expertise working with Tribes across Alaska to protect their way of life and traditional fishing practices to the Ridges to Riffles team and priorities. Most recently, Stephanie was the Program Director for Fisheries and Communities with Alaska Venture Fund, working with Tribes to capitalize on the once-in-a-lifetime federal funding opportunities and leveraging those opportunities with private philanthropic support. Prior to this work, Stephanie was the director of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission with Tanana Chiefs Conference, and a fishery biologist, then a fishery manager for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on the Yukon River. Stephanie has served as an interim board member to the Certified Seafood Collective, was appointed to the Advisory Council for the University of Alaska – Fairbanks College of Fisheries and Oceans, and was the President of the Alaska Chapter of American Fisheries Society. Stephanie was also appointed to the Regional Advisory Council for the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. She was previously selected as an Alaska Salmon Fellow. Before moving to Alaska, Stephanie was a professor in the Environmental Studies and Biology Departments at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Stephanie has a PhD in Limnology and Marine Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Grinnell College.

Stephanie was born in Gresham, Wisconsin, and grew up in a rural area where she spent her childhood playing in the woods and on the rivers and lakes. Hunting and fishing were a big part of her upbringing and family tradition. She is an enrolled member of the Brothertown Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. She enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors with her wife, son, and two dogs.

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