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The Ridges to Riffles Indigenous Conservation Group (R2R) is an Indigenous-led conservation organization whose mission is to help Indigenous Peoples protect and restore the natural and cultural resources they rely on to maintain their identity and sovereignty.

Work Spotlight: Klamath River Restoration

The Klamath River is an extremely productive watershed with a vast range of biodiversity, both terrestrial and aquatic.

Once the third-largest producer of salmon on the West Coast, over a dozen native fish species are now

listed under the federal and/or state endangered species acts. R2R works in partnership with the Yurok Tribe on:

Basin-wide restoration projects to protect and benefit native resident and anadromous fish and improve river health.

Klamath Dam Removal by providing legal, policy, and technical assistance to the Yurok Tribe.

Clean water for river, fish, and people. Working with the Yurok Tribe to assert its federally reserved water rights.

Upholding the Klamath River's Personhood Rights.

Undammed: Amy Bowers Cordalis and the fight to free the Klamath | Patagonia Films

Undammed: Amy Bowers Cordalis and the fight to free the Klamath | Patagonia Films

After witnessing a massive fish kill on her ancestral home waters, Yurok tribal attorney Amy Bowers Cordalis dedicated her life to reversing the generations-long destruction wrought by the Klamath River dams. Undammed follows her journey to free the Klamath, from testifying before Congress to passing down fishing traditions within her young family. Now that the Klamath dams are finally coming down, she remains confident that the future of her tribe is bright. “It’s not a test,” Bowers Cordalis says of the largest dam-removal project in US history. “It will work.” Help restore the Klamath River by supporting Ridges to Riffles Indigenous Conservation Group. DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY: Shane Anderson EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Monika McClure, Alex Lowther, Nicholas Blixt CREATIVE PRODUCER: Maya Craig DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Maya Craig, Seth Hahn ORIGINAL SCORE: William Ryan Fritch EDITED BY: Will Miller, Shane Anderson ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jesse Clark ADDITIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHY: Shane Anderson, Derek Knowles, Josh Murphy, Edythe McNamee, Whitney Hassett, Jason Hartwick, Tyler Parker SOUND: Daniel Smith PROD COORD: Jessie Sears PROD CONSULTANT: Ashley Bowers SOUND MIX & DESIGN: Bijan Sharifi GRAPHICS: Scott Hanshew COLOR: James LeJeune Subscribe: Get more from Patagonia: Official site: Patagonia Stories: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: LinkedIn: About Patagonia: At Patagonia, we appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction. We’re using the resources we have—our business, our investments, our voice and our imaginations—to do something about it.


Founded by Indigenous natural and cultural resource legal advocates, R2R believes that Indigenous wisdom and values have the power to heal our communities and the planet. We are building an organization that practices the values of relationships, balance, and responsibility. Our goal is to support Indigenous governments and communities by providing advocacy and policy support to advance Indigenous natural resource and conservation work.

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